Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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* Annual Expo continues to flourish as more vendors and attendees participate
           SOUTHFIELD, MI – There are just three short weeks remaining before the 22nd annual “Get Your Body & Business In Shape” Expo hosted by the Michigan Professional Women’s Network (MPWN). This year’s Expo is shaping up to be one of the biggest and best ones ever. The Expo will be held from 10 am to 3 pm at 2000 Town Center Atrium in Southfield and will showcase resources for personal and business health.

          This year’s event will include free health screenings and business support, like anti-aging, fitness, weight control, business health, marketing, finance, and networking resources. Admission for attendees is free and there are still a few vendor spots available at only $180 without electricity and $205 with electricity. Dr. Diane Buffalin, Ph. D. heads up MPWN and says this is a labor of love for her.

          “I love this event because it brings together such a diverse group of people for fun, education, and most especially networking,” says Buffalin. “I can’t tell you how many times someone has stopped me after the Expo and said how they were able to meet people that could help them or that they could help. With a rough Michigan economy still in place, Expos like these are great for bringing people together.”

“We’ve been very successful with this event for 22 years and it keeps growing. We’re expecting over 100 businesses and professional organizations, including this year some non-profits, and well over 300 people in attendance. It’s a great and inexpensive way for businesses to showcase their products and services, as well as network.”

          MPWN was started in the early 80’s by women who worked at Comerica Bank and General Motors to provide a place for women, and now men, to share resources and ideas to develop their businesses. One of the unique features of the group is that each year at the December holiday party, members receive money back, in the form of gift checks, sometimes totaling thousands of dollars. The group meets monthly, typically at the Clawson Steak House, and recently joined the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce.

“Who would imagine that a small, dedicated group of women, could survive personal, professional, and economic challenges for over 30 years and still manage to produce a free Expo to showcase community resources for health and business in the Southfield Area,” says the group’s Executive Director, Psychologist, Diane Buffalin, Ph.D. “The Michigan Professional Women’s Network has managed to survive and thrive, based on sheer energy and determination to provide a place for women in the community to share resources and get their needs met while building a network.”

            Dr. Diane was recently nominated for the Athena Award by the Royal Oak chamber of Commerce for her tireless efforts to maintain this group. For more information about MPWN and the Get Your Body and Business in Shape Expo Thurs Oct 24th, please contact Dr. Diane Buffalin, visit or send e-mail to


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

As the global economy continues to struggle, social media marketing is strategically imperative for giving small businesses new and exciting opportunities to expand in new directions. The need for trust, value and brand transparency are more important today than ever. Right now, many businesses are experimenting with a variety of online, localized and mobile marketing initiatives. If you're not leveraging marketing trends and opportunities, remember, your competitors are, and you don’t want to be the last one in line! Here are some timely tips to help you.

1) Building a reliable brand. The idea that you need tens of thousands of Twitter followers, blog subscribers, LinkedIn connections and Facebook friends to build your business via social media is dead. Quality connections with those who are loyal to the business and the brand are far more helpful to spread your message than large groups of connections who disappear after the first interaction.

2) Excelling in one area rather than being all things to all people. Instead of trying to be all things for all people, small businesses need to focus on their unique niches and position themselves as the definitive source for information, products and services related to the specific places in the markets in which they operate.

3) Creating quality on-line content as a viable marketing tool. Social media marketing and content marketing go hand-in-hand, and businesses need to create useful content that adds value to the online presence. The Web is a cluttered place. Amazing content is essential to break through the noise.

4) Moving more marketing dollars to social media. Statistics show that large and small companies are shifting budget dollars to social media and away from print and radio advertising. Recent statistics suggest that seven out of ten consumers go online to find products and services. To reach them and stay competitive, small businesses need to have a dynamic presence on the social Web.

5) Pursuing mobile marketing. There is absolutely no doubt that mobile marketing is taking off! While still in its infancy, it is the marketing imperative of the future. With mobile advertising, branded mobile marketing apps, and .mobi websites, consumers will expect businesses to have a bigger mobile presence.

6) Localized marketing is a top priority. Local discount websites like Groupon and local review sites like Yelp make it easy for consumers to find deals and reviews about businesses in their neighborhoods and beyond. Creating targeted, local marketing campaigns using these popular tools is now the norm.

7) Cross promoting for a bigger presence. Offline, online and mobile marketing programs create an opportunity to lead consumers from one message to another by integrating those strategies. You can drive a significantly higher return on investment by cross-promoting online destinations, discounts, contests and events.

8) Co-marketing to boost returns and lower marketing costs. The economy is still struggling, which means small businesses can benefit from economies of scale by partnering with complementary businesses to develop co-marketing programs. Promotional partnerships not only lead to reduced costs but also can lead to increased exposure to new audiences.
Franklin Publicity has partnered with proven experts in the social media and mobile marketing fields and, with a strategically designed PR program, can help boost your business in 2013. If you want to find out how you can use these tools to help grow your business to new heights, please call us at 248/399-1101 or send queries to